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Friends..They are what most of us have, but sometimes not that many. I have friends..yet I don't call them friends that much. Just people who I hang around with. Or not. Like now. Very much on my own..Anyway, here is a list of them, and a sentence or two describing them. Some of them I know from the net.

Harry: Person who I love. Who is very weird. Woohoo! Comes from Ireland (yeah, one of those long distanse relationship things..) Anyway..Likes metal and punk music, like me, and he likes role-playing. Which I don't understand or see the point to..but we all have strange hobbies, so I can't say much.

Francesca: Has been quite a laugh today (26/11), since her doctor has given her these pain killer tablets, because she has recently got quite a few headaches. She wasn't supposed to take any of them at school, but did, and is now very drowsy, and making a prat of herself more than usual. More than usual, you say? Yes, she's clumsy and scatter brained, but I'm not complaining. Plays piano very well, and tells Kirsty off for not putting the correct fingers on the correct note..blah blah blah..

Kirsty: Weird and bitchy. Likes nu-metal msuic, and pretends to like punk aswell. Has a boyfriend called Tim, who is now rich (so Kirsty says) since getting a new job. Lucky Kirsty.

Sarah: Likes reading, works hard, is stressy and bossy. Is now a close friend to Carla. Better not say anymore, otherwise she'll scream at me for saying the wrong things.

Carla: Very, very weird. Can't stress this enough. Has an obsession with several guys, who are much older than her...Ahem. Can play guitar much better than me, but most people can play a guitar better than me anyhoo. Can also play drums pretty well.

Fi(ona): Also very weird. Likes fire, cigarettes, and running around screaming. Nuff said. And she can't speak.

Kayleigh: Changes personality everyday, so very unpredictable. Likes to annoy people. Main targets: Me, Kirsty and Fran.