Smash The Skull

Wellty wellty, I'm updating this site once again. And I will be putting shtuff on it more. Twas my birthday a week ago, so happy birthday to me, and it was Kayleigh's birthday a day before mine. 2 Happy Birthday's! Woo. So, some Spike quotes, since I'm addicted to 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. Fun fun fun. Uhh..I'll add a whole load of new links. Yup..and anything else you want me to add you tell me at school..or e-mail. Depends where you know me from. So do it! Yes.
Links..links and more links are coming your way. Loads, in fact. And MP3's from the Buffy Musical. Some of them anyway, since that's what I only have. The others I didn't like so much. Also, just have to say for legal reasons, that I'm nothing to do with the show 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. Everything belongs to Joss Whedon (the lucky bugger), UPN, Mutant Enemy, 20th Century Fox and anyone else to do with the offical team of 'Buffy'. I'm just one single fan, who doesn't have clue. So anyway, MP3's..and if I get time I'll write the lyrics to them. Also, I'm going to do a shrine thing about the best film ever (to me), The Nightmare Before Christmas. Aww. I'll type up the lyrics for the songs from that aswell in the week coming. Stay tuned folks.
More links are up, and so is another song from the Buffy musical episode. I'll put the lyrics up there aswell. The Nightmare Before Christmas page is coming soon, as soon as I work out how to make a different font work on Tripod without my Word Document going 'Word has unsufficent memory'.
Hooray, I put the Nightmare Before Christmas page up, without the damn font thing, and I put a few more links up. Also, some Nightmare Before Christmas pictures are on there. Anyway..I, myself, that is, have changed my appearance a bit, but since I want my image to be a suprise to my friends, I'm not saying what it is. Just a clue though, I have fulfilled one of my dreams! Lame clue, I know. Note to Harry: E-mail me, or at least update your site. Pretty please? Ooo..and I got a Watchers Guide for Season 1 and 2 of Buffy. Lots of fun, I tell you. And I have plans for some more stuff to put on this site. Lyrics, MP3's, and some fan fiction. Also I might put up a bit of what this Watcher's Guide book says. Probably about demons...*goes off talking to herself*
The last of the links are now up, until I find more pages that I like then add them to my favourites and put them on here...I deleted the Friends page because it doesn't really fit in here. I might delete the Music page aswell, but I forgot what was actually on there.
Wheee! Funny cursor things...
A hisotry lesson on Hallowe'en is up, on the Nightmare Before Christmas page, and I'm currently writing Buffy character profiles. Fun. Also, Sarah and Fran have reminded me about a Buffy fan fiction story that I was going to put up here, but I haven't finished it yet. So, I'l be doing that. And since I have Tuesday off (Staff Development Day), I'll be working on this. But I have French homework to do aswell. Grr.
I really can't be bothered to update all that often, can I? The only thing new me thinks is the banner at the bottom of the main page. Go to it, and join please :)
Ahem. 3 months have passed without a single updaate. I've just been busy..*trails off* Ha! No I haven't. I've been doing nothing. I just couldn't be asked to do anything on here. But, what is new is a little marquee on the first page, and swear, there will be more links up and I've decided to get rid of the Buffy Musical MP3's. Don't ask why...Also, does anyone else like the X-Files or Sailor Moon? There just another 2 programs I'm obessed with now...
Ah..yes, I am still alive. I have been busy working on my online diary. Go to, then inthe little box that says jump to a diary, type: Jack_Skellington and that is my diary. Yay!
My many obsessions, and favourite couples:
1. Ally McBeal (Ally and Larry)
2. X-Files (Mulder and Scully)
3 Sailor Moon (Serena and Darien, aka Ugasi and Mamoru)
4. BtVS (Buffy and Spike)
5. Angel (Angel and Cordy)
6. tNBC (Jack and Sally)
7. ER (Carter and Abby)
Yes..Tis the season to be jolly. I have added little online tests. Umm..Not much else. I may delete this site. I haven't made up my mind yet. And my TOD name has changed to Jack Skellington. underscore things for me! Have a nice holiday.