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25 Aug, 03 > 31 Aug, 03
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And The Road Goes On.
Sunday, 24 August 2003
I seem to be getting very addicted to computer games. Not that, that is a bad thing. It just takes up my time. When I really should be doing other things.
Such as listening to The Goon Show, and reading Harry Potter for the millionth time because I'm that pathetic.
But nevermind.
My mother somehow persuaded me to go out into the sunshine (dear God no!) and...go fruit picking. Cue sound fx of thunderclaps and such. What is even more frightening is that I enjoyed it. Though, I'm sure the owners of the place were evil. Very, very evil. Sigh. Only about 1 week left of the summer holidays, until school comes around.
Year 11, here I come. The only plus side I can think of being in Y11 is that we get a new uniform, which defines us from the rest of the school. Striking terror into the hearts of new Year 7's. Heh. I've missed my Sunday morning cartoons for 3 weeks running now. Bah. Not that they're any good, anyway. Enough now. I can feel my eyes drying up completely with boredem.

Posted by han666 at 9:25 PM BST
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Saturday, 23 August 2003
Nightmare Before Christmas!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

This is my favourite film. I didn't even cheat to get this.

Posted by han666 at 11:15 PM BST
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This is the beginning.
Let me..introduce myself. *bows* I am currently called Hannah, but the people who foolishly get to 'know' me, address me as Han-Chan, because of my love for anime.
I am in the weary age of adolescence. Oh, the shame.
I live in the South-East of England, in a small village that I care not of.
For now, this introduction of yours truly will have to do.
If you do, for some reason, like my style of ramblings and come back for more, all shall be revealed.
In time, of course.
And the question that practically every journal/blog/diary writer ponders at the beginning, is 'Why, you ask, did I start this?'
Let's go for the majorities vote.
Because, dear reader, I already have an online diary. But somehow my friends discovered it, and it is no longer a 'diary'.
So, this I have created, and I hope, it shall remain true to the form of a diary.
Good day.

Posted by han666 at 10:19 PM BST
Updated: Saturday, 23 August 2003 11:16 PM BST
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